Systems of Measuring, Analytic and Regulation Technology

SMART, spol. s r.o. is Czech company with tradition in development and production of measuring, analytic and regulation devices since 1992.
Our major activity is long-term cooperation with production and wholesale companies, for which we develop and produce components, technological units and control software, including their proving and certification tests.

One of our latest project of this type was cooperation with NEPA, spol. s r.o. company, for which we developed control unit of Sinclair S-Therm+ heat pumps, including embedded and extension software for secured communication over the internet. After successful tests in certified laboratory and several exhibitions, first tens of installations are deployed in residential and industrial buildings in Czech and central Europe.

Beyond custom development we offer established line of products for these branches:

Measuring and regulation devices for heating industry:

  • heat gauge, monitoring unit JSD600 (MS100)
  • row of programmable regulators MR51
    • constant value regulator MR51D
    • constant value regulator with real time clock MR51C
    • equitherm regulator MR51E
  • programmable flow gauge MR51P
  • row of HART modems HM01, HM01.D, HM02
  • row of transducers PU2, PU4, PTU, PT05, FR01, IRPS
  • heating costs divider for up to 4 branches RON01

Programmable regulators with curve programs for electro-heating devices

  • programmable regulator R101
  • programmable regulator with real time clock R251
  • row of multi-band programmable regulators R500

Control units for sanitary devices, payment stands, marina stands and payment machines for camps

Control unit for access systems and automatic car park systems

  • informative LED display IDP01
  • vehicle pass detectors DV24, DV230

Selection from other projects:

  • control unit of chemical microanalyzer based on peristatic pups, for Military chemical research institute in Brno | 1 |
  • control unit of turbojet engine M701 (used in Dolphin turbojet aircrafts) for ground applications, for LOM Praha | 1 | 2 | 3 |
  • control unit of automatic gear-box for PRAGA – Hostivař