HART modem HM01.D – transducer RS232 to HART

HART modem HM01.D is intended for signal conversion from serial line RS232 to communication protocol HART according to Bell 202 standard. It works in half-duplex mode, the data transfer direction is switched automatically. The modem allows easy connection between arbitrary device with RS232 serial line (e.g. PC, PLC, microcontroller) and devices equipped with circuits for HART protocol communication. The principle of HART communication lies in modulation of digital data signal on current output signal 4-20 mA of device.

Aside of service and diagnostic data, additional digital information about magnitude corresponding to output current of the sensor, and about other measured magnitudes can be transferred through the connection line. Thus one sensor can measure and transmit several physical magnitudes. Easy access to service and diagnostic information allows monitoring of current state and easy change of sensor settings via utility software installed on PC. The physical magnitude measuring and monitoring through current output of sensor stays unaffected.

The design of hart modem HM01.D allows easy montage on a DIN rail. At the same time it assures voltaic separation of measuring circuit from connected device.

HM01.D is intended for permanent fitting in measuring circuit or PLC controller.

Communication software for HART modem HM01.D

There is a wide range of communication applications for use with sensors, provided by sensor manufacturers, or by third companies. Some of them are free, some are paid. For example the most known ones are:

  • PactWare from ICS GmbH (freeware)
  • HartServer from Hart Communication Foundation (30 day trial version)

Other versions of HART modems

  • HM01 – transducer HART / RS232 in cable version
  • HM02 – transducer HART / USB

Price (without VAT)

206 € (1pc)       186 € (10pcs)