Programmable controller MR51D

Controller MR51D is an programmable two-state and three-state controller intended for regulation of magnitude measured by resistive thermometers, thermocouples, or sensors with current outputs. It is necessary to state the requested sensor type (voltage, resistive, current) in your order, the type of thermocouple or range of input current can be adjusted from controller keypad, after entering a service password.

The output part of the controller consists of three relays (two of them with N.O./N.C. contacts 230V / 2A, one with N.O. contacts 230V / 2A) and one 15 V / 10 mA output for the solid state relay (SSR) actuation, or one floating output 20 V / 20 mA for supplying one sensor with current output. It is also possible to add a voltage or current output for proportional elements actuation.

Through its software tools MR51D offers wide range of options for high-quality regulation, which is achievable by selection of a suitable regulation type and constants.

Operating the controller, adjusting of parameters and diagnostic functions are presented by system of wellarranged menu views, showing textual acronyms on red 7-segment LED display, guiding the user through all options and settings of the controller without need of browsing in user’s manual.

In case the controller is equipped with communication module RS485, entire settings can be performed through PC or from outlying central.

Immediate information about state of the regulated system is displayed in the left part of display via LEDs indicating states of relays and SSR outputs, and via simple LED bracket indicating current progress of regulation.

Five-keys foil keypad with tactual response allows quick setting of any parameter, as well as showing information about current state of the regulated system or performing controllers’s diagnostics.

Modular division of control software allows eventual changes of program according to user’s requests.

During a power supply failure (blackout) all parameters remain preserved and after power recovery the controller continues in the process.

Controller MR51D is produced in two versions:

  • in-build version (for electro-distributors)
  • wall fixed box version (for standalone montage)