Sinclair S-Therm+

Control board of Sinclair S-Therm+ heat pump is designed as an unit for complex regulation not only of heat pump itself, but of the whole heating system connected to the heat pump. Hereby higher economy of operation, comfort and last but not least savings are achieved.

Sinclair S-Therm+ offers wide range of features which you can not find elsewhere. For example:

Heating system

  • Heating up to three independent targets (e.g. heating system, domestic hot water, swimming pool).
  • Equitherm regulation of two heating circuits (e.g. radiators and floor heating).
  • Daily or weekly heating programs – you do not heat during the time when heating is not required.
  • Economization according to HDO tariffs including its prediction, eventually even in situations when it is dependent on outdoor conditions?
  • Actuation of bivalent heat source during extreme ambient conditions, if necessary.
  • Actuation of solar collector (if it’s used).


  • Every heat pump is equipped with LAN module for connection to the internet. Hereby the customer can check, manage or set up the heat pump from any place where he is online. At the same time in case of malfunction the service organization can perform remote diagnostics and streamline the service of the heat pump.
  • Optionally an back-upped GSM module can be added to provide heat pump actuation through the SMS.


  • Variable fan speed allows further reduction of outdoor unit noise during night or seasons with higher ambient temperature.
  • Variable water pump speed allows immediate supply of water with required temperature, no dependent on inlet water temperature.

Other features

  • Intelligent defrosting system with outside climatic factors included in the strategy of defrosting (combination of three types of defrost).
  • Regulation of EVI subsystem for heating capacity and COP enhancement.
  • Regulation of three electronic expansion valves allows precise actuation according to condition of the whole system.
  • Monitoring of power supply for heat pump protection – correct phase order, voltage (overvoltage, undervoltage), shape and drift of each phase are monitored.

Sinclair S-Therm+ for apartment houses

  • Allows connection of up to 16 heat pumps into one cascade (battery) with total heating capacity 270kW (+7°C ambient temperature).
  • Allows production of hot water, when appropriate number of heat pumps (or all of them) can be routed according to current demand.

More information at, or phone:
technical information – Ing. Vlastimil Jaroš, tel. 549216578
business information – Ing. Stanislav Jobánek, tel. 541590141